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I've been writing professionally for over twenty years. Work I have written, or helped to create, has been produced in theatres, cathedrals, museums, arts centres, day centres, prisons, streets, schools, on television and on the radio. Welcome to my stall in the great and colourful piazza that is the worldwide web.

For the sake of convenience, I've divided my writing activity into two categories:
Writing In Here and Writing Out There.

Writing In Here is work I produce in a room by myself: poetry, for instance, or a play I originate for Radio 4. Writing Out There is work I do with other people: like a community opera for the Ryedale Festival or a group poem with some prisoners.

The writing I do 'In Here' and 'Out There' have equal value for me. I'm a wordo, I love what words and stories can do. And I enjoy helping other people find their own.
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